Social Networking/Media Sites I'm On

Clicking on any of the banners above will take you to my profile on each site. Facebook is where I post the most, but I’ll occasionally post on the other sites. Feel free to subscribe to me!

Sites I Frequent

As the title above says, these are the sites that I visit often. The Zelda Twilight Princess Social Board is a message board with a lot of history behind it. In short, it's the message board for the Zelda Working Title Podcast and is home to many of the friends I've met online over the years. NerdMentality is, of course, the gaming website that I write for. Along with the news we post, it also has its own forum that I check in on every once in a while. Kotaku and IGN are two other gaming news sites I read nearly every day. And then there's VG Cats, an online comic drawn in an adorable style that I've always liked. Unfortunately, the author/illustrator doesn't update much nowadays, but I like to check in every few weeks.