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12% Chance
Created Thursday, April 8, 2009 | Added Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

The assignment for this project was to create, what out teacher called, an “eccentric” game.  Examples of eccentric games are those like Portal and Braid that play with the ideas of space and time.

This game never really got finished.  Instead, what’s presented here (as well as in the improved version of this game) is a short demo, if you will, of my idea for this game.  Essentially, I wanted to create an action/puzzle game that used water to transport the character between two worlds.  The first world would simply be the real world, while the second would be one of the character’s memories and subconscious.  I wanted to implement unique and creative ways and reasons for the character to move between the worlds through the use of both man-made and natural water as well as tell a story through the events portrayed.  Perhaps one day, I’ll end up fully developing the game…  We’ll see.

Let me give a brief description of what is in the game.  You, the character, wake up suddenly.  Everything is black and white and you can hear a weird sound.  Someone is helping you to move.  As soon as you reach what appears to be a door, it slams shut and you snap out of your drunken stupor.  Apparently, you passed out at a party.  You start to walk home as it begins to rain outside.  While you can see straight now, you’re still pretty groggy.  The rain gets harder, and a puddle forms in front of you.  As the puddle gets bigger, you find yourself lost in your reflection.  You travel back to a time before the incident…  Before it all went wrong…

CONTROLS: Arrow keys to move and spacebar to jump.  When you find a puddle, press either down or up to enter/exit the “dark” world.

NOTE:  (Unintentionally,) Because of the way I programmed the game, it runs differently on different computers.  It is possible that it will run poorly on your computer, and this will prevent you from moving past the first area (the black and white part).  One thing you can try is to jump a lot, especially when the character (the cube) is tilting forward.  Jumping like this will cause you to jump forward.  However, jumping is also one of the problems…  Depending on how fast your computer is, jumping heights will differ (the fast your computer, the higher/faster the character jumps).  It is also possible that you may be able to reach the end of the first area during some playthroughs but not others.