Animal and Object
Created Sunday, March 25, 2007 | Added Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Another black and white project.  Unfortunately, this is another project I don’t remember the specifics of, but I’ll describe what I do remember.

For this assignment, we had to choose an animal and a tool and find a way to relate the two together.  I chose a human and a cellphone.  If I remember correctly, my reasoning behind this was because very quickly cellphones have become humans’ new form of verbal and visual (texting) speech, often times replacing traditional face-to-face interaction.  We were supposed to create four small images for each the animal and the tool and then recreate a bigger version of one of the smaller images.  Each image had to display an important characteristic of the animal/tool.  Additionally, all of the images had to be created using only pure black and pure white.

In order to create my images, I first took photos of both myself and my mom’s cellphone (her’s was much cooler looking than mine at the time :P).  I then put the images into Illustrator, live traced them to start, and then went back over them with other tools for more accuracy and details.  Finally, I printed the images out on transparency paper and traced the images with black ink using the light from an overhead projector to see the images through the paper I was tracing onto.  It took a really long time, but the images turned out great!

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