Black and White Grid
Created February, 2007 | Added Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

This being the first project for my introduction to graphic design class, the teacher wanted to start us off with something basic.  We were to create a design using a 10 square by 1o square grid; each square could be either black or white.  For starters, we created a preliminary design using just one 10×10 grid.  After that, we were supposed to create three related designs on three separate 10×10 grids.  For each step (the single grid and the three grids), I created simple digital tools to help me make my designs.  This way, instead of using tons and tons of paper to create designs on, I could quickly and easily experiment with different designs.  I cannot stress how much easier these simple applications made this project!

I don’t remember if the three grids were supposed to be organized into a cube or if that’s just what I chose to do…  If I remember correctly, I named the sides “Triple,” “Triad,” and “Trio.”  Unfortunately, I have no idea which is which 😛

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