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Created Tuesday, February 23, 2010 | Added Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Cloud is one of my favorite games that I’ve made.  If nothing else, I managed to get the visual style to look exactly the way I wanted it.

I made Cloud for a project for my game engines class senior year.  The project was to make an abstract game.  At the time, I had been messing around with trying to simulate orbital space physics in Unity.  Basically, I was trying to have Unity dynamically create the orbits of, say, a solar system, only I was planning to do more with it.  I did a lot of experimenting, trying to find a way to incorporate this into the project.  In fact, one really basic game I created, Black Hole, was a result of that experimentation.

Eventually, I came up with Cloud.  It used the method I was playing with in a different way than what I had originally intended (which was good for the project).  It didn’t really turn out to be the best abstract game, but I got it to look and work the way I wanted, plus it was relaxing and fun to play.  Everyone really liked it 😀

The only parts of the game that weren’t done by me are the music and planet/grass textures.

Click the “PLAY” button below to play the game!  Move around with WASD and try to collect the rain particles (the area that collects them is a little bit above the middle of the screen).

(You must have Unity Web Player installed in order to play).

The source code for Cloud can be downloaded here (.zip).