Cohort 9 Playtest Flyer
Created Monday, June 19th, 2013 | Added Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

This is a flyer I made for the big, joint public playtest we had for our Capstone games.  Members from each team went to UCF one day, and we set our games up in the student union for people to play, test, and give feedback.  We handed these flyers out to get people’s attention.

The smaller image (with the date, time, and place) was the actual flyer.  We cut out the individual games from the larger image and placed them on our tables to label which area was for which game.

I did not create the logos or character art (artists below).  I did, however, assemble the pieces from the different teams, lay them out, and give them some nice backgrounds 😛

Warp Derby: Ryoma Tazi

Pitch Jumper: Jen Melnick and Kyle Prichett

Eshcerreal: Miguel Espinoza and Caitlyn Trout

Grapple: Karen McCarthy