Dorm Room Model
Created Monday, September 24, 2007 | Added Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

This was the first project for my intro to computer modeling class sophomore year.  The task was simple—model and texture our bedrooms.  At the time I was living in a dorm, so I modeled my dorm room.  And when I say I modeled it, I mean I modeled it.  Every little nook, cranny, and crevice made it into that model.  Guess which side of the room was mine 😉

Here is my original description of the project:

This scene is a recreation of my dorm room in Jennings 211. I have included very minute detail in regards to the scructure and geometry of the room itself. Everything in this scene is completely to scale thanks to my trusty tape measure–centimeters were used in the scene, while inches were the “real” units used. There are over 500 objects, groups, primitives, etc. in this scene sporting over 110 materials/textures.

All of the bitmapped materials were taken as macro photos using both a hi-res SLR camera as well as a small but powerful digital camera. Although the lighting in the “real” room was quite inadequate for proper photography, I feel that the resulting bitmaps turned out pretty well.

The reason that I included certain objects over others is simply because they were either 1) bigger, 2) more important for the overall “feel” of the room, or 3) they are objects which I personally like, and thus, wanted to include. For example, the beds and desks were a must simply because they are the biggest entities in the room and take up of most of the space. The microwave and fridge I included because I felt they added much more to the room than would if I had left them out. The same goes for the posters on the wall; at first I didn’t think that I would include them, but after adding them, I realized that they too added much more to the room than if I had not included them. Most of the objects on the right side of the room are simply there because they are my personal belongings which I use most of all –my TV, my computer, and my Nintendo Wii. These fit into the third category of which I included due to my personal desire.

Nearly everything I constructed in this scene is made from one or more polygonal primitives, most of which are cubes. There are a few NURBS primitives as well, such as the posters (planes), the bed sheets (planes), the outside (behind the windows) (NURBS cube), and the poles in the closet (cylinders) as well as a few other things. As I said, most of the objects are made from polygons, many of which had been modified using the boolean commands Unify and Difference. Extrude, Sculpture Tool, UV Tools, Bevel, and Insert Edge Loop Tool were among the tools and manipulators that I used most of all.

There are only two images that I used from the internet. They are the covers of the two Wii games on the right-side desk. The games are Super Smash Brothers Brawl and Super Mario Galaxy.

-Super Smash Brothers Brawl boxart

-Super Mario Galaxy box art

These are the two objects I included in the scece that are not there in real life (the games have not been released yet). The reason I did not add more complex objects to the room is because I felt that the detail I inluded with the room and its objects were sufficient enough to fulfill that specific requirement (but I included them just in case) and because those are the two objects that I would most WANT to be in my room if I had the option, and in this case, I did!

Over 70 hours was spent on this scene, and I am pleased with the way it turned out.