Grapple – Medium Enemy Rigs (Pre Vertical Slice)
Created Friday, February 8th, 2013 | Added Friday, February 8th, 2013
  • Created a rig from scratch
    • Not used in game, but gave a good idea about the amount of time that would be spent animating the medium enemy using this method as opposed to the following method
  • To save time on rigging and animation, we decided to pull one of UDK’s default skeletons and its animations and apply it to the medium enemy model
    • Researched and used Umodel to rip the skeletons and animations from UDK
    • Moved medium enemy model’s geometry to fit the first frame of UDK’s run forward animation
    • Weighted the medium enemy model to the UDK skeleton
    • Once the model was weighted, new animations (from UDK that used the same UDK skeleton) could be dragged into Maya and the bound model correctly snapped into place
    • Some clean-up was required on an individual basis

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Proxy medium enemy model by James Diab.