Grapple – UDK Editor Scripts (Pre Vertical Slice)
Created Sunday, January, 27th, 2013 | Added Sunday, January 27th, 2013


  • Wrote Python scripts and .bat files to help in launching the UDK editor with the most recent scripts, pre Vertical Slice
  • Rebuild Scripts Script
    • Script makes UDK scripts writable (they start read-only due to Perforce), deletes the scripts, then runs the Grapple UDK editor which, upon detecting that the newest scripts are not present, rebuilds the scripts (which are pulled from Perforce on the spot)
    • When programmers ran the game, their scripts automatically recompiled, meaning they automatically used the latest and greatest scripts whenever they ran the game
    • When producers and artists ran the game, their scripts did not automatically recompile, meaning that the game was often times “broken” for them
    • This script forced the UDK scripts to be rebuilt for producers and artists
    • Producers and artists ran this script (preceding the grappleEditor script) in order to run the Grapple UDK editor
  • Grapple Editor Script
    • Script makes UDK scripts read-only (a.k.a. Perforce-friendly) and runs the Grapple UDK editor
    • This script is run after rebuildScripts is done running
      • Like rebuildScripts, grappleEditor was used by producers and artists as part of the script rebuilding process
  • Created shortcuts to .bat files that ran each of the above scripts
  • .bat files ran the scripts that were located in Perforce directory (same path on all users’ computers)

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View/download the scripts here.  Note that they will no longer work.  They were written specifically for developing Grapple.