Created Tuesday, November 7, 2006 | Added Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

As were the other projects for my digital boot camp class, this assignments was supposed to give students practice with an Adobe program, in this case Illustrator.  If I remember correctly, we were supposed to create a self-portrait with Illustrator.  I had messed around with Illustrator a few times in the past, but finding it difficult to understand (I would try to draw with it like I did in Photoshop, which, of course, didn’t really work), I had stuck with Photoshop.  Still not really understanding how Illustrator worked, I believe I made this image solely with the pencil tool (using my mouse).

Here is my original description of the piece:

An easy assignment with a not-so-easy program. Especially when you’ve always avoided Illustrator at all costs, dead-set on using only Photoshop (but only because you don’t know how to use Illustrator >_>)…

For this assignment, we simply had to draw a self-portrait of ourselves using Illustrator. The drawing also had to include some words.