PIE 1 Art, Concept Art: Project 2a – Metroid Ship Redesign Silhouettes
Created Thursday, September 20th, 2012 | Added Thursday, September 20th, 2012

PIE 1 Art- Concept Art

Use the shapes provided to you in Maya to create silhouettes for nine Metroid ship variants. You may distort the shapes however you like. You are also free to create your own shapes if you choose.

As the assignment says, we were given a bunch of shapes in a Maya file that would could use to help build our ships. The idea was to use a 3D program to ultimately create a 2D image as opposed to using a 2D program to create a 2D image like we did for the previous three assignments. The ships were build in Maya and then arranged on the final page in Photoshop.

Finally, we printed these out (the last image below) and hung them up. Then we picked our one favorite redesign from each person’s work. The votes were tallied up, and whichever redesign got the most votes was the one we were to work on in the next assignment (in the case of a tie, the artist chose which one he/she wanted to work on). Which one do you like the best? 🙂