PIE 1 Art, Concept Art: Project 2b – Metroid Ship Redesign Value Ranges
Created Thursday, September 27th, 2012 | Added Thursday, September 27th, 2012

PIE 1 Art- Concept Art

Use your one of your top three winning Metroid ship redesigns from the previous assignment and create nine different value range studies for it. Try stick with the ship that most looks like it would fit in the Metroid universe (from your top three). Use the value ranges to create designs on the ship as well.

Votes of 18 students from previous assignment (design – number of votes):
Design 01 – 3
Design 02 – 1
Design 03 – 2
Design 04 – 0
Design 05 – 1
Design 06 – 2
Design 07 – 3 (I voted for this one)
Design 08 – 1
Design 09 – 5

Design 09 from the previous assignment won. Since the previous assignment only called for a black and white silhouette, I hadn’t completely modeled the ship. Also, a lot of the shapes were “off.” What I mean by that is that the ship looked more or less correct from the angle that I rendered the image, but some of the shapes were distorted or floating off in space and whatnot, so I had to actually finish modeling the ship itself first. I then took the silhouette render (from the previous assignment) and the shaded render (seen below) into Photoshop and started assigning values and making designs out of them.

Finally, we printed these out (the last image below) and hung them up. Then we picked our one favorite redesign from each person’s work. The votes were tallied up, and whichever redesign got the most votes was the one we were to work on in the next assignment (in the case of a tie, the artist chose which one he/she wanted to work on). Which one do you like the best? 🙂