PIE 1 Art, Modeling: Project 3a – Samus Redesign Model, Low Res
Created Monday, November 5th, 2012 | Added Monday, November 5th, 2012

PIE 1 Art- Modeling

Choose one of the Samus redesigns from the eight provided, create a front, back, and side view from the original perspective, and use those as reference to create a low res, rough draft model in Maya. Stay between 3,000 and 4,000 tris. After you’re done modeling, make a skeleton to ensure that there are no glaring errors with the geometry and how it moves.

As you can see, I chose design 7. I thought that design looked the most like Samus–like that could be a design you’d see in the game–and because the suit looked more slender/feminine and was very different from all of the other bulkier, pointier options. Plus I thought the holes in the front were pretty cool.

I took the original perspective view created by our teacher, and I made the front, back, and side views in Photoshop. I then set those up as image planes in Maya and used them as reference while I modeled. After that, I built a quick skeleton to make sure all of the movement looked relatively believable (there were some issues there, but those were fixed in the next few assignments 😉 ).

The “revisions” mentioned in the image descriptions refer to the numbered save files I have for each model. For example, I have nine different files, each being more complete than the last, with the ninth being the final model that I turned in.

Tris: 3,916