PIE 1 Art, Modeling: Project 3d – Modular Metroid Environment Final 2
Created Tuesday, October 30th, 2012 | Added Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

PIE 1 Art- Modeling

Improve the Metroid environment from the previous three assignments.

I did pretty much everything to this–I reworked the model, tweaked the lighting, added to/changed the textures, and because of that, I had to rework some UVs. Though because getting the ambient occlusion bake to work correctly was such a pain in the previous assignment, I tried my hardest not to change the UVs too much.

As far as modeling, I went back in to remove lots of unnecessary geometry, I smoothed out some noticeably polygonal pieces (such as the middle circular pad), and I added a lot of small grooves and whatnot.

I did a little bit of rework with the lighting. Most obvious is the lighting coming from the central circular pad. I also added quite a bit of incandescence to the texture. At the teacher’s request, I removed the blast mark from the doors and I changed the screen on the main monitor in the middle. As you can see, I started to play around with (again) using sprites from the game, but the teacher asked me to remove those as well (I don’t remember exactly why).

Finally, I added Brawl’s Zero Suit Samus model into the environment (note, I did NOT make the model, but I rigged and posed it).

The “revisions” mentioned in the image descriptions refer to the numbered save files I have for each model. For example, I have 11 different files, each being more complete than the last, with the 11th being the final model that I turned in.

Tris: 15,312 (the tri limit was raised, but I don’t remember what to… 17,000 maybe?)
Maps: Color (2048×2048), Ambient Occlusion (2048×2048), Incandescence (2048×2048), Normal (2048×2048)