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RPP 1, Game 1 – Pain in Your Highness
Created Tuesday, September 11th, 2012 | Added Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Rapid Prototype Production (RPP) 1

Pain in Your Highness

You will be split into teams of 4-5 consisting of producers, programmers, and artists. In two weeks, create a “fun” game using Flash as your game engine.

Pain in Your Highness is a fast-paced puzzle game, similar games like Tetris, Bejeweled, and Meteos. Players must stop a never-ending onslaught of enemy soldiers as they relentlessly come to attack the queen and her castle and steal her delicious royal pie.

Waves of enemies come from the top of the screen and move down toward the bottom of the screen (the castle). They increase in the number of enemies and the rate at which they move toward the bottom of the screen as time goes on.

Players click on enemies in order to kill them. If all enemies of the same color are killed in one row, all of the remaining enemies on that row will instantly die as well. For example, if a row has two red enemies, a yellow enemy, and a blue enemy, the player can kill only the two red enemies, and the remaining yellow and blue enemies will automatically die.

When players destroy a row by only clicking enemies of the same color, they increase their combo. Increasing the combo makes power-up items available to players. These power-up items can be used at any time to help wipe out lots of enemies at once.

The game is over when one or more enemies reach the castle walls.

Artists – Jen Melnick and Adam Grayson
Producer – Shawn Delouche
Programmers – Matt Burton and Brian Widman