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RPP 1, Game 5 – Galactic Bumper Monkeys
Created Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 | Added Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Rapid Prototype Production (RPP) 1

Galactic Bumper Monkeys

You will be split into teams of 4-5 consisting of producers, programmers, and artists. In two weeks, polish a previous RPP game that was created this semester.

Galactic Bumper Monkeys is what you get when you make Asteroids multiplayer and put monkeys in it. Up to four players take control of monkeys flying through the cosmos in their monkey space ships.

The object of the game is to outlast the other players. Each player starts with five lives. Each time a player gets hit by an asteroid, he/she looses a life. The last player with remaining lives wins (players can still play after all of their lives are lost so that they can still mess with the other players). When players shoot asteroids, they break into multiple smaller pieces. There are also space bananas floating around that players can collect. Collecting bananas allows players to activate abilities. They can either surround themselves with a temporary force field or use an energy blast that blows surrounding objects away.

Originally, the game only supported two players (a pink monkey and a blue monkey) and did not allow monkeys to shoot.  The majority of the polish work was creating the assets and support for the other two monkeys for a maximum of four players.  If I remember correctly, the only art assets I did not touch in any way were the asteroids and the background image.  Everything else–monkeys, bananas, power-ups, UI, as well as music– I polished, edited, or created in some way.  All of the game’s original art was created by Sean Buck.


Blue Monkey:

  • WASD to move (forward, turn left, backwards, turn right)
  • 4 to shoot
  • 3 to use energy push
  • 2 to use shield

Green Monkey:

  • TFGH to move (forward, turn left, backwards, turn right)
  • 8 to shoot
  • 7 to use energy push
  • 6 to use shield

Purple Monkey:

  • IJKL to move (forward, turn left, backwards, turn right)
  • = to shoot
  • – to use energy push
  • 0 to use shield

Pink Monkey:

  • Up, left, down, right arrows to move
  • 0 (number pad) to shoot
  • 3 (number pad) to use energy push
  • 2 (number pad) to use shield

You can also use a controller if you have one.  In order to use it, use this program to configure controls.

Original Credits:
Artist – Sean Buck
Producers – Naticia Browder and Drew Napoli
Programmers – Justin Augspurger and Vinash Seenath

Polish Credits:
Artist – Adam Grayson
Producers – Evan DeBack and Amber Reboyro
Programmers – Matt Bradberry and Chris Sosa