Medium Enemy Animations
Added Monday, March 11th, 2013
Medium Enemy:
  • Animated the game’s medium enemy using one of UDK’s built-in skeletons (K_AnimHuman_BaseMale) in Maya
    • Some clean-up was required on an individual basis
    • The Run Forward animation was greatly manipulated to give the enemy a bigger stride and more threatening run
  • Created a AnimSet/AnimTree in UDK to call and control the animations
  • Animations:
    • Attack
    • Idle
    • Jump Idle (while falling)
    • Jump Landing
    • Jump Preland
    • Jump Up
    • Run Forward
    • Run Backward
    • Run Left
    • Run Right
    • Stand from Cannonball Entrance
    • Take Damage
Related Work:
  • Ripping Skeleton/Animations from UDK
  • Medium Enemy Rigging
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