Strange Loop
Created Monday, September 8, 2008 | Added Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

This project was, you guessed it, a strange loop animation.  I believe we were supposed to take a clip from a movie or TV show and turn it into a strange loop, or rather, present it as one.  My mind immediately went to Dragon Ball Z.  I figured that with all of the repetitious animation in the show, there was bound to be at least one clip I could use as a strange loop.  Using a clip from DBZ would also allow me to point out the gross amount of reused animation that somehow manages to result in tension and excitement (to the viewer) in not just DBZ but in many anime and even many non-anime cartoons.

Once I found a few clips to use (which can be viewed down below), I decided to make the clip a little more abstract by decreasing the number of recognizable shapes (or faces).  It would seem that appeared to add to the piece.  Though I did not think of it while making the video, it was pointed out during crit that the video looked kind of like a canon shooting out smoke resulting from a grand explosion of force (this was one example).  We noticed that those who were not familiar with DBZ tended see this figure onscreen as something totally different than those who knew where this clip was from (which is not totally surprising).

If you’re interested, the clip is from the episode of DBZ where Goku defeats Kid Buu.  This clip is of Kid Buu’s foot digging into the ground as he tries to hold back an energy blast (a spirit bomb if I remember correctly) from Goku.  The black part is Kid Buu’s boot and the white is his pants.  The green below the black is the ground crumbing below his foot.