Verb/Color Paintings
Created Monday, October 9, 2006 | Added Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

This was the first project for our WARP class.  It was also the first time I had really painted anything.  Each student was to write down six verbs and put them in a hat.  Then, everyone would pick six verbs out of the hat.  Additionally, each student was given a color (picked from a book) at random.  The project was to create six unique paintings, one for each verb, all using the assigned color as the dominant color.  My verbs were “capture,” “connect,” “discharge,” “extort,” “move,” and “shine,” and my color was this really nasty green (the teachers called it “puke” green).  However, I soon discovered that this “puke” green was nearly the exact same color as lights that are often found on electronics, so I based three of my verbs around that.

Here is my original description of the work:

For this project, we were told to make up six different verbs. After each of us wrote down our verbs, we put them all into a hat, then proceeded to pick six each. When we all had our six verbs, we then picked a random color out of a hat. After we all had both our verbs and our colors, we were told that our paintings were to reflect the verbs we were given by using abstraction and the colors we chose. The color each person had was supposed to be the dominant color in each work; not necessarily the most abundant, but rather the most prominent.