Wii REVIEW – Super Mario Galaxy 2
Created Friday, June 4, 2010 | Added Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, I played Super Mario Galaxy 2 in one 16-hour sitting; start to finish; 100% complete. I woke up early Sunday morning, drove over to my local Gamestop, bought the game, and disappeared into my gaming lair for the rest of the day (and much of the next morning). Only taking bathroom and eating breaks, I destroyed the game in my hardcore playtime. Let this be testament to both the game itself and how much I enjoyed it. With that said I’d like to start out by saying – scratch that – YELLING that Super Mario Galaxy 2 is an incredibly fantastic game, and that anyone owning a Wii or anyone even remotely interested in the Super Mario series should buy this game. I played the game from start to finish (100% complete) in one 16-hour sitting, so you know how much I enjoyed it. There is no question that this is, hands down, a must have game; however, it is not perfect, and there are things that could have (and should have) been done to it to improve the experience.

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