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This was our last project of the semester for digital boot camp.  The assignment was to make a website with Dreamweaver.  I’m pretty sure the website was supposed to contain works we had done that semester in our art classes.  It’s possible we were allowed to make it whatever we wanted, and I just made mine a “portfolio” site.  Either way, you can find it at the link below.

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As were the other projects for my digital boot camp class, this assignments was supposed to give students practice with an Adobe program, in this case Illustrator.  If I remember correctly, we were supposed to create a self-portrait with Illustrator.  I had messed around with Illustrator a few times in the past, but finding it difficult to understand (I would try to draw with it like I did in Photoshop, which, of course, didn’t really work), I had stuck with Photoshop.  Still not really understanding how Illustrator worked, I believe I made this image solely with the pencil tool (using my mouse).

Here is my original description of the piece:

An easy assignment with a not-so-easy program. Especially when you’ve always avoided Illustrator at all costs, dead-set on using only Photoshop (but only because you don’t know how to use Illustrator >_>)…

For this assignment, we simply had to draw a self-portrait of ourselves using Illustrator. The drawing also had to include some words.


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The purpose of this project was to get students to used to Flash.  If I remember correctly, the only requirements (aside from creating something with Flash) was to have tweening.  This piece is super basic, but what better thing to tween than a side-scrolling level?

Here are the original instructions for this project:

30 seconds minimum 2 minute max animation. Must use motion tweening and or shape tweening. At least one imported image and sound.

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The purpose of this project was to get students more familiar with Photoshop.  The assignment was to make a front and back for a CD cover using Photoshop and a variety of tools and effects.  I don’t remember, but judging from the back art, I’d say we had to mess with channels as well.  Because we could make a cover for an existing album or create our own fictional album, I naturally chose to create a “Video Game Hits” album.

Here is my original description of the piece:

This was a good starting project –it was simple and fun. What we had to do was make a CD case label of our “favorite musician,” of course it could be totally made-up. The point was to make the cover.

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