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Portfolio Book

Posted on: February 21st, 2012 by Adam No Comments

This project’s assignment was to create a book.  We were supposed to create a portfolio book, one that we could potentially take with us to job interviews and such, but the book wasn’t required to be a portfolio if we had another idea.  I stuck with making a portfolio.  After we finished designing the book in InDesign, we would send it to site that prints user-made books (I forget the name of the site…), and we would end up with a cool, high-quality book of our own design.  Unfortunately, two things happened to me that prevented my book from being printed…  The first was that the power went out one night while I was working on the design, and I lost everything, and I mean everything; I had to start from scratch.  It was awful.  Eventually, I did manage to recreate what I had and finish the design, but because the book was so long, it would have cost far too much, and, because I was behind from the power outage, it wouldn’t have been mailed back to me until the semester was over.  Thankfully, the teacher understood all of this, and I was able to just turn in the design.  So, with that said, check it out below!