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Soundwave 2.0

Posted on: February 21st, 2012 by Adam No Comments

This project could be any hypermedia piece we wanted to make.  I decided to continue working on Soundwave in order to improve it by making it easier to play and understand.  Soundwave 2.0 is the same idea as Soundwave—players can visually see the ground transform to represent the soundwaves of the audio from that area in real life.  The new/improved features are: the ground is textured with the satellite image of the area, locations are marked with clearly visible labels, minimap in the corner of the screen, only the audio from the current location plays, current location notification in the top corner, the waveforms cover far more ground than in the original, overhead map shows the direction the player is facing, falling through the ground was fixed, and everything just generally looks, runs, and plays better.

That said, as with the original Soundwave, the game is unplayable in a web browser due to my lack of knowledge of optimization at the time of development.  Hopefully one day I’ll go back and take some time to compress the game’s audio so that it doesn’t take so long to load/crash browsers 😛

Here’s the original project assignment:

Again, we will use similar processes in the development of the final project. You will combine what you’ve learned regarding hypermedia and select an approach that is suitable to the subject matter you choose. Your choice of subject matter and the appropriate/creative use of technology will be of prime concern. We are interested in clear ideas and clear expression of concepts. Your project is not limited to display on the Internet, but should use the Internet as a fundamental component of its realization.