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RPP 1, Game 4 – Antivirus

Posted on: November 12th, 2012 by Adam No Comments

Rapid Prototype Production (RPP) 1


You will be split into teams of 4-5 consisting of producers, programmers, and artists. In two weeks, create a social and/or mobile game.  You can develop for Facebook and/or a mobile device.

Antivirus is a social, top down space shooter designed for playing on Facebook (it is no longer on Facebook). Players take control of an antivirus program that’s out to rid the digital world of viruses and malware. Players move around a confined environment shooting enemy programs while dodging attacks from said programs and trying to protect their own bits from becoming infected. Bits act like the player’s lives. Normally, bits follow the player around the field, but when they or the player gets hit by an enemy attack, they become infected, stop following the player, and begin shooting at him/her along with the enemies. Healthy bits randomly appear around the field, and can be picked up by the player before they’re hit by an enemy attack (and become infected). When the player runs out of healthy bits, the next shot to hit the player kills him/her and ends the game.

Enemies appear in waves. A certain number of enemies appear each wave, and when players eliminate the enemies from one wave, the next wave begins. There are three waves per level and five levels before the game is complete. Even if players don’t reach the end of the game, their scores are recorded.

On the social side of the game, players can could compare their high scores to those of their friends. The game also includes a level builder of sorts where players can designate how hard each wave of their “custom game” is. These custom games can then be sent to friends for them to play. While one may think that creating harder waves are the way to go, keep in mind that the harder the wave, the more points a player gets when playing/beating the wave. The scores of these custom games were also recorded and compared to friends’.

Artist – Adam Grayson
Producers – Ben Crocker and Paul Weiler
Programmer – Laura Barton