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Grapple – Game Plaque Concepts

Posted on: July 18th, 2013 by Adam 1 Comment

Each year, FIEA gives its students plaques for their Capstone games.  The designs for the plaque are created by members on the teams.  While we ended up going for a different design, here are my concepts for the Grapple plaque.  The one with Destrozar’s eye on the top half was designed to have the disc on the top of the plaque which no other past plaques had done (the disc has been on the bottom half of the design in the past), so I thought it might be interesting to try out a design that did that.  All of the designs were put together and rendered with Maya.

While I did pose the characters and put the scenes together, I did not create the models.

Amina model: Nisa Martinez and Karen McCarthy

Destrozar and building models: Karen McCarthy

Machina and mountain model: James Diab

Amina, Destrozar, and Machina rig: Robert Campbell