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Propaganda Posters

Posted on: February 21st, 2012 by Adam No Comments

As the title suggests, we had to make propaganda posters for this project.  I think we were supposed to make multiple posters, obviously I did.  I can’t remember if the posters were supposed to be about something specific (like a product we liked or something), but I chose to make my posters about the current gen video game consoles at the time.  Each poster lists a number of unique characteristics of the system, but does so in a flawed, “Internet message board”, “fanboy/fangirl” sort of way.  In other words, they’re blindly spouting things about the system that have, or rather should have, no real bearing on someone’s decision to buy one system over the other, kind of like in political mud slinging, the negative things said about the candidates often times have no relevance on the issues at hand.