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Maya Multi FBX Exporter

Posted on: April 29th, 2013 by Adam No Comments

PIE II – Art

Create a piece for your portfolio that can be used in your Capstone game.


This script allows users to export multiple .fbx files from one Maya scene at the push of a button.  It is meant for exporting animations, though it could conceivably be used for other purposes.

The script allows the user to specify ranges of key frames that should be exported as separate animations.  In addition, each animation can be given a unique name that will act as the .fbx’s file name.  Animations and their ranges and be added indefinitely to the list as well as removed from the list.  The user can also specify whether to export all or export selected as well as whether or not the exported animations should be moved to frame 1 or keep their original key frame position.  For example, if an animation was exported from frames 101-200 and the “Move animations to start at frame 1” button was checked, the newly created .fbx’s animation will go from frames 1-100 (if the checkbox wasn’t checked, the .fbx’s animation would still be from frames 101-200).